Sales teams can find new customers and convert every precious opportunity and strong sales resources react, hunt out new business opportunities, and target the more resilient sectors. We connect you with trained sales professionals who your destination, brand, the competition, and bring valuable customer connections. The Hospitality Gig can give you access to these trained sales resources on a short term basis, to help ramp up new account acquisition and sales blitz activity, and provide sales representation further afield while travel and sales trips are not possible.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with Sales professionals who can help with:


  Sales Representation

  New Business Generation

  Sales Coaching

  Sales Systems & Technology

  Sales Promotions

  Virtual Selling

  Social Selling


  Sales Performance & Incentives

Sales Training

Sales Strategy

  Sales Administration & Support

  Project Management

  Brand relaunch

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Yasmin J.

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Craig H.

Case Study

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The business needs access to an experienced Director of Sales to get a small team ready for the relaunch of a restaurant.

You need an experienced sales manager or director who has successfully launched a concept before.

Create a four week project of 20 hours per week to coach the team through the launch.

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