Revenue Management

Maximizing profitability by adapting to new and changing demand levels is the key to success in the current environment. Owners expect us to outperform the other hotels in our market yet we must also balance the short-term business needs with long-term success. The Hospitality Gig can connect you with Revenue Management professionals, who can identify opportunities for optimizing commercial performance, build agility into your inventory and pricing strategies, and ensure you are winning against your competitive set.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with Revenue Management experts who can help with:


  Planning & Forecasting

  Revenue Optimisationt

  Channel Performance Analysis

  Revenue Strategy

Revenue Management Systems

Market Share Performance


  Room Inventory Management & Categorisation

  Rate Plans (SRPs)

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Case Study

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The Hotel needs support yielding your rates four times per year.

You need someone who can use Opera, and has worked for a big name brand such as Hilton or Marriott and has previous experience as a Revenue Manager.  

An experienced person could complete this in eight hours four times per year.

You create a Revenue Management Project role for eight hours and can do this four times a year.

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