The Hospitality Gig can connect you with the right supply management expertise to help you cut back your supplier expenses and minimize purchasing costs without compromising quality and guest experience. Whether you want a trained hospitality professional to help you review your existing contracts and suppliers and see where you may not be getting the best deal, or if you need additional resources to help manage a new supplier search project and tender negotiation, we can help connect you with the right person for the job you need.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with Procurement experts who can help with:

  Supplier and Cost Analysis

  Tender and RFP Management

  Supplier Sourcing

  Supplier Management & Negotiation

  Project Management

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Michael J.

Michael J.


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Bonnie K.

Case Study

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The business is planning an upgrade of it’s kitchen equipment

An experienced procurement professional who can manage the process, bidding and ensure the best deal.

Create a project for a procurement specialist with experience in your market to handle the project.

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