While teams are running on very limited manning, this increases the risk of exposure when there are absences. With so many trained Operations professionals available for work, it’s now much easier to tap into this expertise on a contract basis. The Hospitality Gig can help you connect with professionals who may have worked for your brand, will understand the Operating procedures, and are available to provide coverage or support when you need additional help.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with Operations experts who can help with:

General Management

  Operations Management

  Front of House Management

  Heart of House Management


Night Manager

 Project Management

 Openings and Re-Openings

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Rachel B.

Yannick F

Yannick F.

Nigel C.

Nigel C.

Case Study

The business is reopening a restaurant and needs an experienced leader for the week prior to, and the three weeks after the launch

An experienced food and beverage leader who can manage the front of house in a five star restaurant and ensure excellent guest service.

Create a 4 week project for a Restaurant Manager.

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