IT is now more than ever at the forefront of the guest experience, as they expect seamless connectivity, fast Wifi, and increasingly a more contactless experience with hospitality companies. There is an even greater need today to service our guests and innovate on a limited budget. The hospitality Gig can help connect you with IT hospitality professionals who understand hospitality tech, security requirements, and guest needs. They can help support specific installation projects or events, ensure compliance, or help you make the right investment decisions for any new tech solutions you require.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with IT experts who can help with:

IT Security


  Hardware Installation or Refresh

  Wifi Hardware Refresh

AV & Event Tech Support

IT Project Management


  Project management

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Usman Y.

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Katya A.

Case Study

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The business needs to upgrade it’s switchboard and wifi

An experienced hospitality IT professional who can manage the process and switchover without impacting the guest experience.

Create a project for an IT Manager to handle the project.

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