Human Resources

This is the time to optimize your workforce and adjust manning accordingly. The Hospitality gig can connect you with HR expertise to help you review roles and develop teams to work effectively. You may need an HR Hospitality professional to help with advisory support while making difficult decisions, or HR team members to support you in recruitment, onboarding & training.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with HR experts who can help with:

HR Generalist

  HR Advisory

  HR Business Partner



  Disciplinary Hearings

  Workforce Modelling

  Screening Interviews

  Recruitment campaigns & job postings

  Training Program Development & Facilitation

Learning & Development activities

Compensation and Benefits support

  Payroll administration

  Diversity & Inclusion programs

  Project Management

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Yana O.

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Case Study

Let us talk you through it...

You are preparing to do a restructuring within the business unit and need some HR advice about how to approach and execute it.

You require experience in staffing restructuring and layoffs.   Therefore a senior level HR leader with Director level experience in  your market.

10 hours to prepare the plan, and paperwork for the restructuring.

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