Food & Beverage

You may have had to downsize your own Food and Beverage Teams, or need the right expertise to take your F&B offering to the next level, The Hospitality Gig can now help connect you with F&B experts. Hiring F&B professionals on a gig basis will enable you to handle changing demand levels without having fixed costs. Do you want to hire a talented mixologist for a few days to help you re-invigorate your cocktail menu? Or book a Chef to run a pop-up in your restaurant to create some new interest from a more local crowd? Now is a great time to benefit from the amazing F&B expertise that is available in the market.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with Food & Beverage experts who can help with:

Menu strategy and design


  F&B Strategy

  F&B Systems

  F&B Pricing

F&B Partnerships & Outsourcing

F&B Management

  F&B Training

  Front of House service

  Front of House Management

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Darshan P.

Jasmin M.

Jasmin M.


Mustafa I.

Case Study

Let us talk you through it...

The business needs to review it’s breakfast service and flow

An experienced food and beverage professional who can review the process and make recommendations while elevating the guest experience.

Create a project for a F&B professional with a deliverable of a plan and recommendations.

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