Consulting Services

Tough trading conditions have created an environment for innovation and transformation, as we need to re-think business models and performance, challenging the way we have operated. If you need help to look at turning your performance around, the Hospitality Gig can connect you with the right expertise. Professionals who have worked in hospitality and understand the business, and who can help you deliver results, not just a nice PowerPoint Presentation.

Use the Hospitality Gig to connect with Consulting Services experts who can help with:

Commercial Optimisation

  Operational Effectiveness

  Health and Safety

  Customer Experience

  Operator Search

  Concept Design

  Owner Relations

  Openings and Re-Openings

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Ashton B.

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Jade P.

Case Study

Let us talk you through it...

The business needs to evaluate the opportunity to invest CAPEX in renovating the lobby during the downturn.

A project manager who has previously managed a large renovation to put together the project plan and coordinate with the contractors.

Create a project management role for 20 hours per week, and search for a candidate who is open to working for six months.

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