What Gigs are there?

The Hospitality Gig connects businesses with ready to work, qualified talent from a broad range of core commercial, operational and corporate functions. 

Our platform enables you to hand-pick talent with the right combination of brand, system, or service knowledge that each job requires. That can work for you locally, or remotely.

Where we can help

When you need additional expertise

You may need to deliver a project or build a new strategy but lack the expertise in-house.  Maybe you had to let your own full-time person go, or you only need specialist help on a short-term basis? Through the Hospitality Gig, you can now access a uniquely qualified talent pool and find someone with the right knowledge to get the work done.

If you have a staffing shortage

Operating a business with reduced staffing levels is already tough, and it becomes even more difficult with additional absences or when demand peaks.  The Hospitality Gig can connect you with assistance from experienced team members who have worked in the same role, either for your own brand or in a similar property.  They already have the knowledge and training to be able to come in and fit seamlessly into your team, as and when required.

Supporting you in driving your business recovery

Hospitality businesses have scaled back their commercial resources, at property, venue, and Head Office level. While this reduces expenses in the short term, it means that driving recovery, launching campaigns, and reviewing commercial strategy can be a challenge.  How can you drive recovery activity when your team has never worked on something like this before?

The Hospitality Gig can help connect you with highly qualified experts right across the commercial functions to support your re-launch and help you deliver on campaigns and new business development activities.