Not everyone wants to go back to the way things were

I read a very interesting opinion recently which was published in the New York times on December 23rd, the link to which will be at the bottom of this article. The title of this article was “The future of work is flexibility. Are You Sure You Want to Go Back to the Office?”

There were many parts of this opinion which I thoroughly agreed with. Many of us miss seeing our co-workers, getting out of the house daily, and feeling a sense of normality and routine in what we do every day. However, I do not believe that everyone wants to be in an office 40+ hours per week. Particularly now we have seen what life without that is like.

Based on my years working in Human Resources around the world I have concluded that most people want to bring their talents and strengths to help a business be successful. They want to feel that the thing that they choose to do every day has some meaning. People also want to earn enough money for them to have a decent life. When I ask the question, “why do you want to work here?” in a job interview I don’t think I have ever had a candidate tell me that it’s because of the office, or the 9-5 workday. Many people have found fulfilling work, blending various roles and doing so around their other responsibilities so that the work-life, and rest of their life has balance. Although the concept is fairly new for the Hospitality industries, many other industries have been using freelancers as a highly effective laborforce for years.

I truly believe that the future of work in Hospitality is flexibility and the sooner hospitality businesses embrace the possibilities that offering flexible employment brings the sooner they can tap into a vast pool of talent that is waiting for this opportunity.

If your company can offer full-time roles, that is wonderful and they should do so. However, if your business has a role that needs to be completed, such as a budgeting exercise, business plan review, project plan, menu review, or recruitment campaign, consider using a gig worker for the role. The Hospitality Gig has plenty of highly talented, qualified professionals who are willing to complete gig work for you on a temporary or ad hoc basis. That “job” you haven’t got the person to complete but needs doing anyway, can be given to a gig worker, without bringing a professional of that caliber onto your payroll full time. It’s a win-win.

There are so many talented hospitality workers out there, let’s work together to Keep Hospitality Working, and allow these fabulous professionals to use their highly transferable skills to support your business.

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