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This is what you are going to need:

Your Personal Details & ID

Your LinkedIn profile

Your work experience

2 References

Your payment details - So you can get paid!

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PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Stripe account to make payments and receive payments. Please note that you can only set up a Stripe account if you are located in a country that is supported by Stripe as set out here

Step by Step


1. Register & Set up profile

Fill in all the requested information then check your email and verify your account.

Once verified you can upload your profile including:
- Your picture
- Your location
- Your hourly rate (see FAQs for assistance)
- Your Career experience
- An introduction to you
-  Two references

Then you are ready to set up your payment details!

You will only be live on the platform when your information has been verified, including your payment details, so watch out for your approval email - in the meantime, you can browse available gigs.


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2. Payment Details

To ensure you can be paid for all your gigs, you need to set up your Stripe Account and add your payment details.

The good news about working with Stripe is that they secure your payment from the business before you start work, ensuring you can be paid on completion of the gig.

-Naviage to your settings and scroll down to Stripe Payment Registration

-Click on complete onboarding and follow the steps

-Once completed then go back to settings and scroll down to stripe, and click on add payment details, so you can get paid on completion of any gigs.

Please note that Stripe Registration can take up to 7 days, once verified you are ready for that first Gig.


3. Apply for Gigs

Be sure to filter by the function you are interested in, to ensure you are browsing the most relevant gigs.

Hit apply for the Gig you're interested in and create a proposal for the Gig.
Be sure to:
- Highlight any relevant experience
- Include details of any core skills, knowledge & brands you have worked for.
- Provide info on how you will approach the Gig, if applicable.





4. Agree Terms

Agree to terms & remuneration with the gig provider, by using the messaging service within the platform.

The Gig provider has the option to accept the contract and enter your assignments.  As an example, this could be a weekly rate, or a project  You will be notified of these assignments via email and will be required to accept them if you agree.

When agreeing on your rate for the Gig, be sure to include the 10% platform fee.

The Gig provider will then be debited for the agreed payment via Stripe, where it will be held in escrow until the Gig is completed.

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5. Get to work

Now you are all set up, you can get to work on your Gig!

Once you have completed an assignment, you should go back into the platform and Mark it as Completed.

Remember that Gig Workers who are highly rated on the Hospitality Gig Platform will become the most sought after.  The business will be asked to rate your performance (just as you will them) and therefore your performance will reflect in your rating.sdfjsdlfkjsdlfkjsdfkjsdlfkjsdlfkjsdlfkjsdflkjsdfksdjfslkdfjsldkfjsldfkjsldkfjsldfjsdfkjsdflkjsdlfkjsldkfjslkdfjsldkfjsldllklkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlllkjlkjlkjlkjljkljk

Cheers Paid

6. Get Paid & Review

Once you have marked your assignment as completed, the gig provider will then check it, and approve. This will release the funds from escrow which will be deposited into your bank account within 7 days.

You can then continue with other assignments, and or end the contract and look for another gig.

Once your contract has ended, both you and the Gig provider will be able to review each other and these will be saved in your profile for future Gig providers to see.sdfjsdlfkjsdlfkjsdfkjsdlfkjsdlfkjsdlfkjsdflkjsdfksdjfslkdfjsldkfjsldfkjsldkfjsldfjsdfkjsdflkjsdlfkjsldkfjslkdfjsldkfjsldllklkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlllkjlkjlkjlkjljkljk

Gig Worker Support FAQ


For any tips & tricks click here to find some helpful videos to guide you through

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