Our Story

The Hospitality Gig is the brainchild of Rachel Moosa, Kate Walsh, and Fiona Robson, who have a combined 63 years of experience working in travel and hospitality, including senior leadership roles for global brands including Hilton, Accor, Fairmont, and Disney. The three female co-founders were devastated to see the effect Covid19 had on the hospitality industry and the huge number of hard-working, talented employees suddenly without jobs.

They realised that new full-time positions in Hospitality would be scarce, and wanted to do something meaningful to support both the industry that they love and fellow colleagues who found themselves without full-time work.

Together they set out to “Keep Hospitality Working” and create a new employment model for the hospitality industry.  And so, The Hospitality Gig was born, to enable businesses to find fully-trained talent as and when they need them, and to help their colleagues get back to work.

Our Founders


Rachel Moosa

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Fiona Robson

Co-Founder & Board Member

Kate Walsh

Co-Founder & Board Member

Rachel Moosa

A senior Human Resources business leader with over 20 years of Human Resources experience across the globe. She has a degree in International Hospitality Management, and a Masters in Human Resources Management & Development and has worked in the hospitality industry in the UK, North America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia for brands including IHG, Fairmont, FRHI, and Accor.
As the Hospitality Gig’s HR lead Rachel brings a wealth of experience in finding the right talent, for the right role in the right place at the right time and believes that flexible working is the future for the hospitality industry.

Fiona Robson

A strategic leader who combines extensive international hotel & travel industry experience, with deep expertise across the core commercial functions in Hospitality. She has an MA Hons (Cantab) from the University of Cambridge, and has worked for global hospitality brands, such as Hilton and Disney, in entrepreneurial businesses, as MD of a marketing technology company and as a Partner in Hospitality consultancy.
Fiona is a passionate believer in career agility, having enjoyed a very diverse and cross- functional career path herself, and is excited about the opportunity that gig work represents for our industry. Fiona is a member of the Hospitality Gig Board, supporting strategy development.


Kate Walsh

Commercially-minded and highly resourceful innovative excellence driver with extensive years of experience in sales, marketing, product management, and business growth in international companies. Kate has a wealth of hospitality knowledge, gained both in above-property regional roles in brands such as Hilton and Accor, and on property roles, including the Savoy in London.
Kate has a passion for the hospitality industry she has been part of for over 20 years and is truly delighted to have co-founded The Hospitality Gig which she believes will support and evolve the industry.

Our Role

By enabling direct relationships between hospitality businesses and workers, we have created a low-cost employment model that completely disrupts the traditional agency model.

We ensure that all talent on the Hospitality Gig platform is real and ready to work, locally or remotely.

We also re-invest a portion of any profits back into the industry, to support re-training and hardships funds that provide for Hospitality Workers and their families who find themselves in difficulty.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide an easily usable platform that benefits the businesses by providing flexible access to talent for the business and employment for those searching for flexible work.

By doing that we will challenge the overall lack of flexibility in hospitality careers. We want to attract and retain more high-caliber industry talent and believe that meaningful gig work is key to agile career development in the future and will support businesses in developing a more diverse workforce while managing their costs.

Our Testimonials, Press & Partners

"I'm open to work, but I only have a couple of days a week spare at the moment as a consultant specialising in English Sparking Wines, so this site is perfect for me"

Says Fran Bridgewater FCIM of Drinks Network Brands

"Huge Congrats to Fiona, Rachel & Kate on this clever and timely new platform to support the Hospitality Industry in getting people back to work. A win win for employers and people seeking much needed work. Good Work."

Says Rachel O’Connor – Managing Partner of Siren Communications

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