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What is a hospitality gig?

The Hospitality Gig provides a platform to connect businesses directly with hospitality talent. A gig is a job share, project or assignment, that fills a temporary business need.
We provide a unique opportunity for companies to tap into amazing, big brand- trained talent to fill a gap you have in your business or allow you to try someone out to see if they are the right fit long term.

Key Benefits

Boost performance & recovery

Access ad hoc talent

Scale resources according to demand

Access to hospitality professionals who are ready to work

Talent Profiles


How can our hospitality talent pool help you?

Thousands of professionals in our industry, with valuable skills, system and brand knowledge are ready to work. Choose an amazing Hospitality Gig Worker to fill your immediate need in the business.

How can you drive ROI?

Hire a hospitality professional to advise on social media or digital marketing performance or have them devise a campaign.

Great Mixologists are hard to find

Seize the opportunity to get a talented mixologist to give your bar a new lease of life.

No one does Sales blitz like the Hospitality biz

Increase the impact of your Sales blitzing and find new customers with extra power from hospitality sales people.

Try before you buy

This one works for both the Hospitality gig worker & the hotel,
bar, or restaurant. Everyone wants the right fit for their career choice/choice of team member.

What is the opportunity for businesses?

Take on quality resources to look after your guests when you have a big event coming up

How it Works


Post Gig

Describe your requirements, outline your project, terms and budget & verify your account


Hire Gig Worker

Choose your shortlist, select talent and agree terms. 10% platform fee will apply for each assignment


Gig Completion

The Gig is done and marked so on our platform


Pay & Review

Our platform seamlessly works with Stripe to process payment and create an invoice once the job is completed